SERIES 8000, 8100, 8200, 8300
Quick, Clean & Economical

Ideal for installations where hydraulic power is not suitable, these pneumatic power clamps from De-Sta-Co have all the same quick-acting advantages and can produce up to 160 lbs. clamping force from shop line air pressure (see chart). These double acting clamps are red anodized aluminum with either a threaded body that permits three mounting options, or a block-style mounting body.

Intended for quick clamping in secondary manufacturing operations on metallic or non-metallic products, these clamps offer a combination of features that makes them uniquely adaptable to such applications.


A pneumatic (or hydraulic) cylinder provides the activating force. The rugged construction provides repetitive production operations but at a cost low enough for short run jobs. These clamps also have the desirable safety feature of being mechanically locked (when fully closed) so that even a total loss of pressure will not cause them to cycle.
All 800 Series clamps are self-contained. They simply need to be mounted and attached to air or hydraulic lines.

Special High Temperature Seals (H/T Option)
These optional seals withstand temperatures to 400o continuous service.
Special Magnetic Ring (MR) Cylinder Option
If there is a need to sense the open or closed position of the cylinder, we can provide our cylinders with magnetic rings. Then, by adding a tie-rod mounted reed switch, you can sense the position of the cylinder.

The 802 provides 200 lbs. holding capacity in a package less than 7" long. The double acting power cylinder has built-in speed control (restriction) and needs only to be hooked up to a controlled air or hydraulic power source. Hold down bar opens 95o to facilitate easy part loading and unloading. Includes 1/4-20 neoprene spindle assembly (202208). Air powered version of model 202.

With Magnetic Ring
Model 802-MR

Smallest of the hold-down models, this miniature clamp is the air-powered version of Model 201. The 10-32 spindle (201208) is adjustable for height and location along the bar. The cylinder has built in speed controls. Clamp and base are stainless steel. Bar opens 90o

With Magnetic Ring
Model 812-MR

MODEL 807-L, 807-UL
Two versions are available. Model 807-L with solid steel hold-down bar and Model 807-UL (illustrated) with U-bar. The 807-L is furnished with a separate bolt retainer (207105) which can be welded onto the hold-down bar. The 807-UL is furnished
with flanged washers (507107). Bar opens 92o. Accommodates any 5/16-18 spindle assembly (not supplied). The pneumatic version of model 207.

EDP# 58071, Model 807-L

MODEL 8071 
DE-STA-CO'S newest power hold-down clamp Model 8071 is ideal for dirty environments such as spot welding and MIG welding. Exerting forces are similar to Model 807-U, but applied air pressures can go much higher. Model 8071 also features an enclosed/protected cylinder rod and lower and narrower mounting profile.
MODEL 810-S, 810-U
Similar to Series 807 but larger and higher capacity. Model
810-S with solid bar and Model 810-U with U-bar. Bar opens
95o. Accommodates any 3/8-16 spindle assembly (not
supplied). The air-powered version of model 20.

EDP# 58101, Model 810-S

MODEL 846, 847-S, 847-U
The 847-S (solid bar) and 847-U have the patented bar guide feature. This provides additional side support to the hold-down
bar and allows a take-up adjustment to compensate for misalignment or wear. Other features are similar to preceding models. The hold-down bar opens 95o. Accommodates any 1/2-13 spindle assembly (not included). This is the air-powered version of model 247.

EDP# 58471, Model 847-S

A cam mechanism in the linkage of this unique clamp will accommodate up to a 1/2" part size variation. Once set to the nominal (or average) part size, parts up to 1/4" larger or 1/4" smaller can be clamped without changing the setting. Bar opens 90o. Clamp bar can be machined or altered to suit the application.

With Magnetic Ring

Model 849-MR

The pneumatic version of model 568, this heavy-duty model uses forged alloy steel links and steel components machined to close tolerances. Base is a 1/2" thick steel plate. All pivot points have hardened bushings fitted with hardened steel pivot pins. The 1 " x 1-3/8" steel hold-down bar may be cut, drilled and tapped or welded to adapt to application. Bar opens 92o.
MODELS 817, 827, 868
Many times it is desirable to use a right angle model where space dictates. Applications such as rotary indexing tables and injection molding operations are examples. All three models can be mounted on the side of the fixture and the models 817 and 827 can also be top mounted. Model 817 is the pneumatic version of model 317, and it accommodates any 5/16-18 spindle assembly (not included). Model 827 can accept any 3/8-16 spindle accessory (not included).
Model	Bar Opens
 817         90o
 827         88o
 868         90o 


This compact plunger action clamp is less than 10" long but provides a holding capacity of up to 600 lbs. The 7/16" diameter plunger extends 3/4" to a locked position. The end of the plunger is drilled and tapped for a 5/16-18 spindle (not supplied).

With Magnetic Ring

Model 803-MR

This miniature straight-line clamp is the air-powered version of Model 601. The miniature double-acting cylinder has built in speed controls for smooth operation. Model 816 is ideal for applications calling for small size and remote or automated control. Supplied with 8-32 spindle assembly (105203) for end-of-plunger adjustment.

With Magnetic Ring

Model 816-MR

MODEL 830, 830-10
The 5/8" diameter plunger travels forward 1-1/4" from an open to a closed and locked position. The Model 830 is also available in an alternate configuration as Model 830-10 which locks in the retracted position only and has a plunger travel of 3/4". Plunger is drilled and tapped to accept a 3/8-16 spindle (not supplied) or to receive your custom fixture.

EDP# 58301, Model 830-10

Largest of the straight-line actions, this model has a full 1" diameter plunger that extends 2" and goes into a mechanical lock. A 3/8" thick steel base provides rigidity and can be welded or bolted in position. Snap ring construction permits easy removal of the plunger without disassembling the entire unit. End of plunger accommodates any 5/8-11 spindle assembly (not supplied).

With Magnetic Ring

Model 850-MR


MODEL 863, 864, 893, 894
DE-STA-CO's newest line of power clamping products. These clamps have many unique features which make them ideal for use in hostile welding and machining environments.
-Linkage is completely enclosed to keep contaminants out.
n Clamp arm is offset, and it can be mounted on the left-side (L), right-side (R) or on both sides of the clamp (D).
-Over-center toggle-lock design for maximum reliablity and clamping forces.
-Mounting surfaces allow blade mounting on either side of the clamp.
-Clamp arms are indexable and can be repositioned in 45o increments.
-Magnetic ring sensing options available.-Clamp arm is weldable/machinable to suit any application.
MODELS 8820-2, 8825-1
As the newest items in our line of pneumatic power clamps, Models 8820-2 and 8825-1 offer exceptional durability in a compact design. These clamps have been designed for long life and offer many benefits to the user. The clamp linkage is shielded between the body halves, and retractable cover keeps debris from getting into the clamps debris from getting into the interior of the clamp. The units can be equipped with a sensing package to sense the open/closed position of the clamp. Available only in the 90 arm style.

-Compact design
-Lightweight-less than 1 lbs
-Retractable cover to enclose linkage
-90 arm swings open 120
-Arm pre-machined with mounting holes
-Sensing option available

SERIES 840, 860, 890, 1000
Designed for high production applications, these toggle action pneumatic clamps offer exceptional clamping forces and holding capacities - far greater than other clamps of similar size. And unlike most pneumatic toggle clamps, they do not require greater pressure to open than to close.
Of special importance in the design of the Series 840 is the oval cylinder. Because of the extremely narrow profile of these clamps, they can be used in cramped quarters or can be ganged closer together in multiple installations.
The even numbered models in these series feature a 180o clamping arm which travels to an over-center locked position parallel (180o) to the clamp centerline. The corresponding odd numbered models have a 90o arm. The angular locked position of both versions is precisely controlled by the hardened steel insert. Clamp arms can be machined, drilled, cut off, or welded to suit the application requirements.
Many other versions of these clamps are available with special arms, proximity switch sensors, cushioned cylinders, and other features designed for automated clamping. Please contact the factory for information on the complete, specialized automation clamp line.


SERIES 870, 871
Power Arm Clamps
These models use a roller and cam principle and provide the following benefits:
- Able to clamp work of inconsistent thickness and still maintain a locked condition.
- Modular units 2-1/8" square can stack together for minimum distance between clamping points.
- Four-way mounting surface for full mounting flexibility.
- Built-in pre-stop eliminates need to bottom out cylinder. Gives extra travel to automatically compensate for wear. Also permits arm to be machined accurately relative to mounting surface.
- Clamp arms can be altered by welding, drilling or machining
to suit the application.


MODELS 800, 1200 NEW!
Low Profile Pneumatic Retractor Clamps
Even the smallest shop can now have rapid power clamping. The De-Sta-Co Low Profile Pneumatic Retractor Clamp operates on ordinary shop line air (properly filtered and lubricated). And the clamp arm completely retracts from the work area, for ease in part loading and unloading. The resulting increase in productivity can reduce your labor costs, too.
- Compact size and low profile for mounting in restricted areas.
- Uniform clamping force throughout full stroke.
- Variable clamping force allowed by regulating input pressure.
- Requires no auxiliary power source.
- Operates in any position or mounting angle.
- Clamping capacities to 1,200 pounds (at 250 psig).
- Both models available with extended arm, as Models 800E and 1200E.

Here's how it works:
1) Clamp arm retracts fully for loading and unloading ease.
2) Clamp arm moves straight forward and...
3)... pivots down to hold workpiece firmly in position.

This clamp is the newest in our of pneumatic retracting clamps. The unit is completely enclosed, making it useful in heavy machining applications. Its low and narrow profile allows it to be fit into tight/confined areas. The clamping arm action extends out horizontally, and then clamps down.  The double-acting cylinder has built in restriction to help control the speed of the cylinder.
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