DE-STA-CO(tm) Toggle Clamps



Compact Model 515 hold-down clamp is similar in size to the Model225. It features a very low profile. Made from C-1008 or C-1010 low carbon, cold-rolled steel with a black oxide finish. Hardened and ground pivot pins can be replaced. Forged hold-down bars can be cut or welded to suit fixturing or tooling needs.
Model 516 is the same size as Model 207-S. Made from C-1008 or C-1010 low carbon, cold-rolled steel. Black oxide finish. Hardened and ground pivot pins can be replaced. Forged hold-down bars can be cut or welded to meet a wide range of fixturing or tooling needs.


Model 517, which can provide up to 600 lbs. force, is made from C-1008 or C-1010 low carbon, cold-rolled steel and has a black oxide finish. Features extra clearance under hold-down bar. Hardened and ground pivot pins can be replaced. Hold-down bar is forged and can be cut or welded to suit fixturing or tooling needs.

Compact Model 617 clamp has block-style body which can be machined or welded for mounting. Greater holding capacity than normal for clamps of this size. Plunger bushing makes for smooth action. Tapped for 5/16-18 spindle. Handle can be modified for special applications. Made from C-1008 or C-1010 low carbon, cold-rolled steel. Black oxide finish. Replaceable hardened and ground pivot pins.


MODELS 7-101, 7-58, 7-59, 7-60, 7-61, 7-62
The DE-STA-CO cam clamps have a high-to-low limit clamping range that automatically compensates for part thickness variation and therefore eliminates time-consuming readjustments. The rugged, normalized steel construction allows for extremely heavy-duty use.

The cam action resists vibrational loosening. They are built to take abuse. The clamps are available in six sizes with maximum holding capacities ranging from 475 lbs. up to 5,500 lbs. Part variation thickness allowance is from 1/8" (Model 7-101) up to 1/2" (Model 7-62). 

Clamp arms may be machined or welded to suit any application requirement.


Our Heavy-Duty Clamps offer full flexibility of installation. Designed for heavy-duty automotive and farm-implement tooling, the unique construction with heat treated bushings installed in the outside members of linkage, spread the bearing load over a greater length for long service. Combined with the forged components, close tolerance, hardened and ground pivot pins and pivot bolt, they provide precision repeatability in a compact package. 

Five sizes of basic linkage are available which allows the designer complete flexibility to position the base, clamp arm and handle, and weld them to suit the application.

DE-STA-CO now offers Heavy-Duty Clamps with Toggle-Lock Plus(tm) safety technology. We have taken two of our most popular Heavy-Duty Production Clamps, Models 501 and 503, and added a locking release lever for improved safety (501-R and 503-R). The locking release lever helps ensure that the over-center locking condition is maintained. In order to open each clamp, the locking lever must first be released. Depending on mounting conditions, the Models 501-R and 503-R can also be locked in the open position.
Model Code & Ordering Information

SERIES 500-LSC Option
A spring clip and urethane bumper assembly (LSC) is also available in Model 506 and 508 to hold the clamp arm open under spring tension only.
SERIES 500-POL Option
Models 505, 506 & 508 are also available with a positive open latch (POL) device to prevent accidental clamp closing before the workpiece is in position.
SERIES 500-FB Option
Models 505, 506 and 508 are also available with (FB) base, with two dowel holes and one screw hole. Can be added and welded into set positions.


SERIES 670, 675, 690, 695
A unique feature of these clamps is the collet-type bushing that can be adjusted to eliminate plunger end movement after long, repeated usage. The plunger also has a flat which prevents lateral movement and permits offset piloting and holding. The plunger is drilled and tapped for threaded spindles or custom fixturing.

A pre-load nut (PL) is optional. This adjustable nut can be used to cause the clamp to lock against itself when not under pressure and therefore prevent opening when mounted vertically. An optional spring hold-open device (S) is also available to prevent the clamp from falling closed. Spring clip covers (C) can be ordered which protect the mechanism from chips, shavings, etc. Available in two styles, Models 670 and 690 offer longer plunger travel than the shorter Models 675 and 695. All four models can be ordered with the handle position welded to optional base (B) at 90o increments -the 0o position being straight up vertically. Ball handles are standard on Models 670 and 675.
-Heavy-duty - high production clamp
-Adjustable collet-type bushing minimizes plunger end movement
-Pre-load nut optional (PL)
-Spring hold-open device optional (S)
-Designed for accurate repeatability
-Welded handle position optional when base accessory is ordered (B)
- Optional base assembly available for easy mounting (B)
Model Code & Ordering Information

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