DE-STA-CO(tm) Toggle Clamps




These low-profile clamps apply both horizontal and vertical clamping force against the workpiece to pull it down onto the work table as well as clamp it in position. They are designed to be used with T-Slot tables (or bolted to a plate) and allow maximum cutter access to the workpieces surface. Edge Grip Clamps are excellent for milling, planing, grinding. and general surfacing operations which are beyond the capabilities of machine vises. 
Because the Edge Grip Clamp set consists of two separate pieces-both locked to the T-Slot table-n any length part (within the dimensions of the table) can be clamped.

These workholding clamps are designed for use on thin or low-profile workpieces replacing ordinary strap clams. They feature a self-aligning swiveling pivot which allows the tightening bolt to always remain vertical, preventing any side forces. The two-point contact offered by Models T614-0 and T614-1 
also provides greater stability to the workpiece. The Buttress Clamps are available in three capacities from 2,875 lbs. to 17,600 lbs. holding capacity. 
Ideally suited for manual die clamping. Eliminates the need for step blocks or riser blocks.
These DE-STA-CO/Carver clamps represent a great improvement over the ordinary "C" Clamp. Because they are made up of two major components-frame and moveable jaw-they are sturdier than the common style "C" Clamp. Work is held securely by both jaws, not one jaw and a screw.
The T-screw on these clamps is short, shielded and positioned away from the work area. This means that it is sturdier and protected from weld spatter and debris. Set-up is fast and easy, requiring must a quick adjustment of the sliding jaw and a short manual turn of the tightening screw-no cheater bar is needed. These clamps will last much longer in service as well as providing a more positive grip on the work.

These rugged clamps, made from high-tensile, heat-treated steel, are designed for all types of applications requiring large holding capacities from 1,250 to 6,000 lbs. The clamps are highly versatile. For example, jaws can be reversed to provide spreading action, or several jaws can be used on a single bar both for fixturing and positive component location and clamping. Available models include T3321 Standard-Duty Deep Throat, T285 Medium-Duty Deep Throat, T186 Standard-Duty, T-290 Medium-Duty and T257 Heavy-Duty. In addition, standard and medium-duty connectors are available to couple like bars together for increased clamping reaches.
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