Slotted locator bushings for hard tooling. Use with "L" or "T" pins. Refer to the bushing catalog for a complete selection of master round press fit bushings, used with the locator bushing.
H.T.62-64 RC.

- Cuts tool fabrication cost.
- Reduces loading & unloading time.
- Limits binding, pin breakage and shearing of holes due to slight misalignment.
- Perfect for use on high production tooling.

A. Drill and ream a 3/16 hole for the roll pin.
B. Bore mounting hole to provide minimum diametral interference, 0.0003 to 0.0005 inch is generally adequate.
C. Press slotted locator bushing and roll pin together until flush with top of plate. The roll pin sets a precise alignment between slotted hole and layout axis.




Knurled Locator Bushings for soft tooling.
H.T. 62-64 RC

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